A Bit Lit host

Andy works on and in theatre, literature and popular culture, particularly to the sides of Shakespeare, and is especially interested in kinds of people and popular culture that get sidelined, marginalised or forgotten. He is currently writing a book about the beginnings of English theatre entitled Before Shakespeare, and other projects include bears and wrestling. Yes, really.

See Before Shakespeare and Andy’s Roehampton webpage for more.

A Bit Lit host

Callan researches plays, play, and performance in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. He is currently a Research Associate at the University of Kent on the Middling Culture project and is part of the Before Shakespeare team. He is also the editor of the Curtain playhouse records for the Records of Early English Drama, and his book, Strangeness in Jacobean Drama, is published by Routledge (2020).

A Bit Lit host

Emma Whipday is an academic and playwright. She researches and writes about disrupted homes, family relationships, and women’s voices in early modern England. Emma is Lecturer in Renaissance Literature at Newcastle University. Her book Shakespeare’s Domestic Tragedies is published with Cambridge University Press, and her new play The Defamation of Cicely Lee won the American Shakespeare Center’s 2019 ‘Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries’ prize.

Wandering film-maker

James is a film-maker who has worked at the BBC, ITN, RSC and other places with and without acronyms. He has worked with children, animals and most of the other things he was told to avoid by wiser people. He produces, directs, shoots, edits and enjoys trying to do things a little differently. “Somewhat” geeky, a fan of theatre, books, comics, film and TV, his news and TV work means he often knows a little about a lot of oddly random subjects. Not actually a moose. Probably.

Designer and website guy

Mat designs and makes useful things for people out of pixels and curves, and sometimes out of noises too. His background is in music and he still plays in a band when he thinks no-one is looking, but he’s mostly active as a graphic designer and front-end developer. He specialises in projects for the Arts and Humanities sectors, and his favourite job is making album sleeves. Last time he worked on a project with Andy Kesson he ended up wearing a beret and whistling in public.