ABL #43,  4 June, 2020

When is a coconut not a coconut? When it’s a cup! Kathleen Kennedy explores the history of coconuts and their uses as drinking vessels in Renaissance Europe. Yes we have migrating coconuts. Yes there is a Monty Python reference.

ABL #19,  21 April, 2020

In our new series on things, objects, and cultural history, Callan Davies looks at Shakespearean theatre history from the starting point of some food waste… A whistlestop tour of “Shakespearean” playhouses via the perspective of some +400-year-old apple seeds, exploring the relationship between fruit and special effects, playgoing experience, seasonality, and playhouse structure.

Fruit seeds and nutshells image: Fruit seeds and nutshells from the Rose Theatre. Copyright: Museum of London.

ABL #11,  7 April, 2020

Michael Lewis of the British Museum and Liz Oakley-Brown of Lancaster University talk about the importance of things in the classroom and in writing history: how can we learn more about cultures of the past through metal detector finds or site visits?