As much of the world went into lockdown in spring 2020, we wanted to provide a platform for research and creativity, championing the brilliant arts and knowledge-making going on in the world right now across different sectors, time periods and disciplines in an informal, fun fashion. A Bit Lit is the result.

This website hosts conversations, talks, Q&As, readings and creative work from cool, groovy and interesting people. At a time when it can be easy to be caught between the two options of panicking or trying to switch our brains off, we hope this will be a fun and silly and good place to put your brain for a few minutes.

Explore our library of conversation between researchers, performers, creatives, and makers of all sorts, where we discuss what it means to think about history, culture, and creativity.  We also make videos driven by the passion of research and creative practice that are directed at all learners interested in exploring these questions at home.

See our first three films, below, for more on the ideas behind this project.

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