ABL #20,  23 April, 2020

To celebrate the launch of Pascale Aebischer’s new book, Shakespeare, Spectatorship, and the Technologies of Performance (Cambridge University Press), Pascale discusses the relationship between theatre and technology, social media, and digital engagement for performances today and under lockdown…

ABL #12,  8 April, 2020

Mathew Lyons puts the current lockdown into historical perspectives, and suggests that ‘though we are separated by space, we aren’t necessarily separated by time’.

ABL #3,  24 March, 2020

In the early days of lockdown, Andy Kesson goes out and thinks about literature and what gets in and what gets out. He asks about the term ‘literature’ itself, its history and the way it is structured around inclusion and exclusion.

ABL #1,  23 March, 2020

Andy Kesson kicks off A Bit Lit with an invitation to conversation, ideas and fun, offering ‘a good place to put your brain for a few minutes’ during troubled times. He also suggests that the events of spring 2020 may be more normal than we thinks, and points out coping mechanisms available in the past.