ABL #32,  7 May, 2020

Emma Whipday discusses the dangerous associations of Shakespeare’s fairies – and what happens when the fairies of the forest come inside the palace in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

ABL #28,  30 April, 2020

In Stay at Home Shakespeare 5, Emma Whipday explores the idea of shelter, ‘Bedlam beggars’, homelessness, and the dangers of going outside in King Lear.

ABL #22,  23 April, 2020

Stay at Home Shakespeare 4: Emma Whipday chats about locks, keys, the perils of privacy in Othello, and why ‘good wives should look well to their linen’ (along with a comic song…)

Thanks to Oskar Cox Jensen for providing the song.

ABL #17,  16 April, 2020

In the third video for the ‘Stay at Home Shakespeare’ series, Emma Whipday chats about ghost stories, virtual families and haunted theatre spaces in Hamlet.

ABL #13,  9 April, 2020

Emma Whipday explores how the home was associated with the female body in Shakespeare’s England – and how this idea influences how Shakespeare stages women in windows in Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice.

ABL #8,  2 April, 2020

Shakespeare’s Macbeth draws on early modern ideas about the vulnerable home and the contagious potential of early modern witchcraft. In episode 1 of ‘Stay at Home Shakespeare’, Dr Emma Whipday explores how early modern stagecraft invited to the audience to breath the magical air of the witches’ heath, and how Shakespeare’s tragedy resonates today.