How do we read in the 21st century? With Brooke Carlson, Dustyn Kainoa Ragasa & Liza Lockard

ABL #37,  19 May, 2020

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Brooke Carlson, Dustyn Kainoa Ragasa and Liza Lockard chat to Emma Whipday about reading in the 21st Century, the tactile pleasures of books, and how literature re-makes us and connects us.


  • Brooke Carlson
  • PhD, Assistant Professor, English Department, Chaminade University
  • Dustyn Kainoa Ragasa
  • PhD, Assistant Professor, Philosophy/Religious Studies, Chaminade University
  • Liza Lockard
  • Liza Lockard, Professor, M. Arch, PhD, Environmental + Interior Design, Chaminade University